What Size Frangipani is Best?

I often get asked “What size frangipani should I get? This depends on each person’s (or couple’s) situation so I usually ask some questions before giving any advice at all. I have group the questions I usually ask into 5 subjects, or factors. Here are the five factors to consider if you are wondering what size frangipani to purchase.

  1. Your Plan.
  2. Prices.
  3. Value for money.
  4. Your budget.
  5. Transportation.

1-Your Plan

Some people prefer to be patient and enjoy watching their garden develop naturally while others are focussed on creating an established garden as soon as possible. If you are worried about your frangipani growing too big, don’t worry. Frangipanis can easily be pruned or cropped.


You can walk into almost any nursery in spring and find a range of frangipani plants. For around $10, you can get a single stem frangipani in a 125mm pot. $20-$30 can buy a multi-branched frangipani in a 200mm pot. $40-$70 can buy a frangipani around or just under 1m tall. Our frangipani plants priced under $100 can only be purchased in bulk or with a frangipani tree order. Most frangipanis in 400mm pots and 45 litre bags are over 1m tall and priced between $150-$200. Ours 45 litre frangipanis are as cheap as $90.

3-Value For Money

Considering the price of frangipanis (as above), we recommend small trees (1m-1.5m) as the best value. We try our best to stock and sell frangipanis around this size and aim to sell them a little cheaper than other nurseries.
We also aim to sell our small frangipani plants cheaply as add-ons or in groups.
Frangipanis are very hardy but there are ways to purposefully or accidently kill them. Generally speaking, the larger the frangipani, the stronger and hardier it will be.

4-Your Budget

If your budget is less than $100, we suggest purchasing from your local retail plant nursery and take your frangipani home in your car.
If you plan to spend more than $100 on a frangipani tree, we recommend looking at our online frangipani tree to start.


The minimum transport fee includes a 1m x 1m square space and up to 2.6m high. The closer you are to the Sunshine Coast, the cheaper delivery fee is.

10 Replies to “What Size Frangipani is Best?”

  1. Hi,
    We would like to purchase 2 frangipani’s about $150 each of similar snap and size for our front garden. We live in Mudjimba, we could pick them up as we have a hilux. Not sure whether that’s best but we can.

    We are after something like the razzmic honey. Those colours. My second is buttercup.

    If you have anything you think is suitable let us know.

    Thank you.

    Warm regards
    Kay Thompson

  2. hello

    Is it possible to visit your site to have a look at what you have for sale. I would like to purchase a fairly mature Frangipani.

    1. Due to the China, oops, Corona Virus, we focused on wholesale and online sales for most of 2020. Despite the UK (not so sensitive?) and South Africa (tough people!) strain being worse for 2021, we are accepting visitors wishing to spend $100 or more.
      Feel free to go to the site-map page and click on Make an appointment.

  3. Hey there. I discovered your web site by means of Google whilst looking for flowering trees. Your site got me interested in frangipanis.

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