How soon are frangipani orders delivered after paying?

Delivery Within 21 Days

21 days gives us plenty of time to arrange our working schedules, coordinate multiple deliveries if necessary and get almost all our frangipani orders delivered.

If delivery is not likely to be within 21 days after payment, we will contact the customer as soon as possible to discuss the reasons and agree on a new process.

Requesting Urgent Delivery

If you require urgent delivery, its best to contact us by phone or message us requesting a return call to discuss options.

In most cases, if faster than planned delivery is possible, it will not be too inconvenient and will incur no extra costs. In some cases however, faster than planned deliver may cause some inconvenience but still be possible with negotiation. In such cases, we will calculate a fair ” express delivery fee” to be able to give the individual customer a choice.

Conditions Which Might Delay Delivery

  • An ordered frangipani has been sold or not in a satisfactory condition and a replacement needs to be decided on.
  • An ordered frangipani is wider than 1 metre or taller than 2 metres and freight options need to be discussed.
  • Customer delays payment.
  • Customer chooses to make additional purchases to utilize available freight space. Freight Space
  • The delivery fee has not been automatically calculated or the delivery┬álocation is an area where only large trucks pass near, such as rural coastline, or where our delivery trucks do not usually go. Delivery possibility has to be confirmed and the cost calculated and paid for. Door-to-Door Deliveries
  • Bad weather, unexpected mechanical problems or a busy Christmas period.

How to Safely Transport Frangipanis

Useful Items

  • Rope
  • Tarp (See frangipani sap)
  • Trunk Rest (See supporting the weight)
  • Loading Space (Take the junk out of your ute or car before leaving home)
  • Tape Measure (There’s nothing worse than a tree that 95% fits.)

Protect The Crowns!

Frangipani branch tips, or crowns, is where the new growth has and will occur. Damaging or breaking off a crown will likely result in the branch not being able to continue growing naturally and will likely make the branch produce new shoots from the side of the branch. This will look unattractive and also delay flowering. Also, by simply rubbing the crown, the frangipani will easily start to leak sap.

Top Or Base First

Just like pulling or pushing a fork through a small hole, it’s much easier to move a frangipani horizontally into or out of a ute or station wagon base-first. If you’re moving a frangipani horizontally top-first, make sure someone is watching every branch to make sure no branch is caught on something.

Supporting The Weight Of A Horizontal Frangipani Tree

Bagged frangipani trees usually have fragile branches at the top end and a solid trunk at the other. Somewhere between the two ends, there’s usually part of the trunk or solid branches that can support the weight of the tree and reduce the weight supported by the top branches. If the top branches are too wide or growing sideways, it might be impossible to lie the frangipani down.

Frangipani Sap

Frangipani sap is white and very sticky. It flows through the whole frangipani including the petioles (leaf stems). It’s easy to break a leaf off a frangipani (especially the older leaves) and cause sap to drip or flow out. Frangipani sap dries like glue but while it’s sticky, the sap collets dirt. If you plan to put a frangipani in your car, we suggest covering your car interior with a tarp.

Transporting Frangipani Trees Upright

If possible, transporting frangipanis in an upright position is the best option. It will prevent the soil from falling out and the branches will travel more safely.

If a standing frangipani tree is stable and can be tied to a high position (truck walls or cage), it will be able to travel long distances safely.

If there is no wind protection, frangipani leaves will suffer “windburn”. The leaves will wilt, turn brown and eventually fall off. Having said that, the frangipani wood will not suffer at all and if you cut all the leaves off beforehand, you’ll only need to wait until new leaves grow.

If the frangipani is top heavy and doesn’t stand stable and also high ropes are not possible, transporting the frangipani tree in an upright position might not be possible.

Testing Frangipani Stability

One method for determining frangipani portability and stability is to hold the frangipani by the trunk and lift. If you feel the frangipani wanting to come out of the pot or bag, you should stop lifting otherwise the roots will start to break and the remaining root ball will come out of the soil. In other words, if the bag or pot is too heavy, the frangipani needs to be lifted by holding the bag or pot.

Sometimes, there will be a small solid root ball surrounded by fresh soil but sometimes the roots are simply underdeveloped. Either way, these frangipanis need to be handled and transported with more care.

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What are the cheapest delivery options?

Pick Up

If you live locally or are planning to visit the Sunshine Coast, collecting your desired frangipanis yourself might be the best option but trying to fit a frangipani into a car without enough space will only dirty your car and risk breaking a branch.

For advice, how to transport frangipanis safely.

Interstate (and North QLD)

For interstate orders, the minimum transport fee is for a 1m x 1m square floor space (a pallet space) and up to around 2.5m tall. The only way to reduce this rate is to share the space and cost with another frangipani customer who lives near you and also wishes to share freight space and cost. Over the last 10 years, this has only happened in the middle of summer when two customers have coincidentally ordered at almost the same time and they had suitable orders and locations. Once or twice a year a customer enquires about this and waits several months and we successfully combine their order with another about 50% of the time.

A better way to improve value-for-money is by ordering more plants and filling the space for the minimum freight fee.  If you can’t find suitable frangipani trees in this site, see  sitemap > frangipaniplantscomau for more options.

Requesting one pallet space to be allocated to a frangipani order that extends beyond one metre in any direction will add an element of risk but will likely be worth keeping the delivery fee to the minimum.

South East Queensland

If we deliver ourselves within South East Queensland, height is usually restricted to around 1.5m for wind protection but branches can extend 1.2m x 2m without problem. We can transport taller trees ourselves but the frangipani leaves will get wind burn.