Delivery Fees


Please note that we reserve the right to update our delivery fees at any time and we reserve the right to place any order on hold and request a higher delivery fee in case of an error or a transport company’s sudden increase in fees.

Alternatively, if our online shop charges you more than this page indicates, feel free to let us know. If there is a problem with our shop’s calculations, we will reduce your delivery fee to match the fee on this page and we will update our online shop. If you notify us before you order, we will try to update our shop delivery fees before you order.

Our delivery fees were last update February 2024. 

During this update I decided to offer mail-order frangipanis again. I can send four plants in a tube to anywhere in NSW, QLD, VIC and SA. Search our online shop for postage tube to get more information.

Information on This Page

Standard Delivery
Minimum Order
Space Limit
Delivery Fees For Queensland
Delivery Fees For New South Wales
Delivery Fees For Victoria
Delivery Fees For South Australia
Delivery To Other Areas

If you select one or more frangipanis, go to the “cart” page and enter your delivery address, a delivery fee should appear. Most of the times, we are able to deliver, or organize delivery, to your address for the website quoted price. If a delivery fee does NOT appear, you might still be able to place an order but either way, please send an email stating the reason why a delivery fee is not included in your order (blame our shop!). We will get back to you with delivery options and prices.

Our online shop uses the frangipani trees you plan to order (in your shopping cart) and your delivery postcode to estimate your delivery fees. The information on this page should help you to, approximately, estimate what your delivery fee will be.

We’re usually able to get our frangipani trees delivered to the desired street address but not always. Read more about Door-to-Door Delivery.

Standard Delivery

Most of our orders are sent using our “Standard Delivery” option. Our standard delivery fee for each destination is charged for orders requiring no more than a 1 metre x 1 metre square space, or “a pallet space”. Please allow for 14 days for delivery after payment is received.

Delivery Fee Variations

There is a cheaper rate than the standard delivery fee for orders shorter than 1.3m tall and within South East QLD.. We also have an Economy delivery option for South East Queenland if plants are all under 1.3m tall AND you are willing to wait until we have another order near you, up to four weeks. 

A “small order” fee is added when you see a price range, example ($100 to $159). The fee is usually $100 and we will include a free p[lant valued at around $50 to $75.

The delivery fee is more for orders taking up more than 1m x 1m floor space or taller than 2.2m, 

If you able to have your frangipani order delivered to a business address where there is a loading dock (NSW, VIC, ACT and SA), the delivery fee is reduced.


Queensland – Standard Delivery Fees

Sunshine Coast (4000-4575) – $60 to $100
Moreton Bay and North Brisbane  (4000-4068) – $120 to $130
Brisbane South (4100-4123) – $140
Delivery for above areas is sometimes cheaper if plants are all shorter than 1.3m tall. The cheapest rate, known as “Economy Delivery” is an option if the customer is willing to wait until for a delivery date which is convenient for us AND all plants are shorter than 60cm tall.

Beenleigh (4201-4219) – $160
Gold Coast (4220-4230) – $175
Ipswich – $160
Toowoomba (4350) – $175
Gympie, Maryborough – $160.
Fitzroy, Rockhampton, Yeppoon – $320.
Bowen, Proserpine, Airlie Beach, Townsville – $400.
Mission Beach, Cairns – $440.


New South Wales Standard Delivery Fees

A Queensland transport company has started a new run from the Queensland border down to Newcastle.

Tweed Heads to Port Macquarie
(Place suburb and postcode in shopping cart for an accurate quote)- $200
Sorry, From 2024 march, we are no longer sending long distances.


Victoria Standard Delivery Fees

Sorry, From 2024 march, we are no longer sending long distances.


South Australia Standard Delivery Fees

Sorry, From 2024 march, we are no longer sending long distances.


Other Areas

If your delivery location is not listed, please select pickup or enter the postcode of your nearest capital city and checkout without payment. We will contact you to discuss the possibility and cost of delivery to your address.