Blog Posts And Webpages

Frangipani Blog

Welcome to our first frangipani blog post. To find specific information on this website, I recommend going to the bottom of any page and entering a keyword into the search box. A list of pages with the keywords in their title or in the content will appear. If you visit our sitemap, you can browse all our website pages in order. In case any visitors want to know how we organize the information on this website, I thought I’d dedicate this blog post to describing the difference between a blog post and an ordinary website page.

What is a blog?

Blogs, in general, contain more topics and more detailed information. Each blog post is usually about a specific topic. Blogs are not usually meant to be read page by page, instead, they are usually a resource of information that can be used like a dictionary. Blog posts are not intended for every website visitor or every customer to read but for people who want more detailed information or have a specific question.

Website Pages

Website pages, on the other hand, have more basic and more important information that all visitors should know. We recommend looking at the drop down link menus and starting with the page titles that appear to be the most interesting and the most useful to you.