About Us

E-Frangipanis (Eumundi Frangipanis) is a wholesale and online plant nursery servicing many areas in Eastern Australia, including Melbourne, Adelaide and from Wollongong to Cairns.

We have been specializing in frangipanis for almost 15 years. Since our start, it’s been our aim to stock the most common, the most popular and the most unusual frangipanis in a range of sizes.¬†

ABN –¬†28244321892

Our Contact Information

Many of our website visitors use our online message form to contact us. We generally reply by email within a day or two. We have our landline set to messages. we try to check daily but we often go two or three days without checking. For urgent and quick information, please contact David directly on his mobile. Text messages are also ok.

Our Frangipani Nursery

Our frangipani nursery is located in Eumundi on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Australia. We specialize in bagged frangipani trees and potted frangipani plants in a range of species and flower varieties.

Our Frangipani Varieties

We specialize in SIX frangipani species and flower colours ranging from yellow, white, orange, pink and red.

Our Frangipani Sizes

The best place to see our biggest and best frangipani trees is to visit our frangipani tree online shop which has photos, prices and measurements.

Small frangipani plants can be ordered through our FrangipaniPlants comau website which can be reached from our sitemap. We can organize delivery to many areas throughout Eastern Australia.

Our Bank Details

Our bank details are on our Paying For Frangipanis page.