Our Frangipani Nursery

Our frangipani nursery spreads across 2 or 3 acres which is mostly sloping and north-facing making it perfect for frangipanis. We are located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Our Varieties

At one stage, we had around 60 varieties of frangipanis however our current plan is to limit ourselves to around 35. Our current goal is to continuously offer 20 to 25 frangipani varieties in a wide range of sizes. We also have about 10 to 15 varieties which are all, to some degree, rare and unusual. We are working hard to increase our quantities and will gradually make them available and hopefully one day, be able to offer them in a range of sizes as well.

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  1. Hi Gale, Thanks for your enquiry.
    (Response edited for future website visitors)
    We are no longer open to the public for visits. Please visit our online shop to see photos, measurements and prices. Also, feel free to use our enquiry form to request photos by email.

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