Our Frangipani Varieties

At the time of creating this page about our frangipanis, we have 8 species and at least 33 unique varieties.

Our Frangipani Species
Plumeria rubra
Plumeria obtusa
Plumeria pudica
Plumeria stenophylla
Plumeria cubensis (aka sericifolia)
Plumeria caracasana (Propagating Only)
Climbing Frangipani (Propagating Only)
Native Frangipani (small only)

Our Frangipani Rubra Categories
White (aka cream)
Orange (aka tricolour)

Our Frangipani Obtusa Categories
Singapore (White)
Petite Pink

Our Frangipani Pudica Categories
White (aka. Everlasting Love and Hammerhead)
Pink (Bridal Bouquet)

Our Frangipani Rubra Whites
The Common White (aka acutifolia and Celadine)
Bali Whirl – Double Flower
Alana (Limited)
Ellen (Limited)
Cindy Moragne (Limited)
India (Limited)
White Shell (Limited)

Our Frangipani Rubra Pinks
The Common Pink (aka Pink Tricolour)
Hot Pink (aka Cerise)
Bubblegum Dream (aka Firecracker)
Cherry Cheeks
Sharna’s Rose (aka Sharna)
Cherry Clusters (aka Watermelon)

Our Frangipani Rubra Yellows
Aztec Gold
Bowen Yellow
Lemon Drop
Buttercup (Limited)

Our Frangipani Rubra Reds
Red (mostly Redbull)
Blackjack (Limited)
Red Knight (Limited)
Razzmic Homey (aka Kimberley Sunset)

Our Frangipani Rubra Oranges (Tricolour)
Fruit Salad
Fiesta (Limited)
Kamino (Limited)

Our Other Frangipani Rubras
Blue – Lavender – Got The Blues (Limited)
George Brown – Musk – Dwarf (Limited)
Mother’s Pride – Multicolour (Limited)

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