Frangipani Height Measurements

There are several ways to measure the height of potted and bagged frangipanis.

Wood Height

The “wood height” is the measurement from the top of the soil at the trunk to the top of the highest branch excluding the leaves and flowers. Even though the roots are a very important part of the frangipani, people often want to know how the frangipani will look AFTER it’s planted.

Clearance Height

The clearance height, or transportation height, is the measurement from the bottom of the bag or pot to around 10cms above the highest crown. This is the height necessary to stand the frangipani upright in a trailer, truck, van or other vehicle without the crowns being damaged by the ceiling. If the frangipani is too tall to stand upright, it’s possible to stand it on an angle and sometimes possible to lie them horizontally.

Actual Height

In summer, leaves can often increase a frangipani’s height by 30cms or more and even 50cm or more by long flower buds. Measuring long leaves or long flower buds is likely to increase a customer’s expectation and has the risk of disappointing the customer so we would hopefully say something like “around 1.5m including flowers but around 1.2. not including the flowers”.

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