Frangipani Tree Availability Status


If you visit our online frangipani tree shop, you can click on a frangipani flower (a category) and see one or more frangipanis in that category. Some frangipanis have the word “Available” underneath the price. When somebody orders a frangipani online, the status is automatically changed.

Please note that the availability status is a guide only. Sometimes customers place orders by email or other methods without using the online shop so the status remains “Available” until we update it manually.

Please Enquire

Some of our frangipanis on our online shop have “Please Enquire” instead of “Available” written underneath the price. This most likely indicates that somebody has already ordered it online.

Please note sometimes customers order a frangipani online but end up buying a different frangipani so the “Availability” status will not be displayed until we change it back manually.

Sometimes customers order online then cancel or change their order in which case, those frangipani trees will still be available. If you see a frangipani tree you like and are uncertain about its availability, just enquire or order it online and we’ll let you know.

Sold Frangipanis

We sometimes add the word “SOLD” after a frangipani’s ID number so other customers don’t waste time deciding to purchase it or not. We usually leave “sold” frangipanis on display in case the customer wants to check any photos or information after they receive their frangipani order.

Sometimes we leave “sold” frangipanis on display because we know we have one or more identical or very similar frangipanis available. Please feel free to order online or enquire by email about any frangipani that appears to be sold.

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