Frangipani Tree Availability Status


If you visit our online frangipani tree shop, you can click on a frangipani flower (a category) and see one or more frangipanis in that category. Some frangipanis have the word “Available” underneath the price. When somebody orders a frangipani online, the status is automatically changed.

Please note that the availability status is a guide only. Sometimes customers place orders by email or other methods without using the online shop so the status remains “Available” until we update it manually.

Please Enquire

Some of our frangipanis on our online shop have “Please Enquire” instead of “Available” written underneath the price. This most likely indicates that somebody has already ordered it online.

Please note sometimes customers order a frangipani online but end up buying a different frangipani so the “Availability” status will not be displayed until we change it back manually.

Sometimes customers order online then cancel or change their order in which case, those frangipani trees will still be available. If you see a frangipani tree you like and are uncertain about its availability, just enquire or order it online and we’ll let you know.

Sold Frangipanis

We sometimes add the word “SOLD” after a frangipani’s ID number so other customers don’t waste time deciding to purchase it or not. We usually leave “sold” frangipanis on display in case the customer wants to check any photos or information after they receive their frangipani order.

Sometimes we leave “sold” frangipanis on display because we know we have one or more identical or very similar frangipanis available. Please feel free to order online or enquire by email about any frangipani that appears to be sold.

24 Replies to “Frangipani Tree Availability Status”

  1. Hello,
    Desdemona here in Sydney, NSW.
    I’m interested in buying what I believe is an ‘evergreen’ frangipani. I do understand the further south the plumeria pudica (white only) or Cuba is it will loose some leaves. I have a subtropical garden and looking to expand the range of plants into frangipani and tropical gardenia.
    I am interested in the following plants and if you have any other suggestions comments on my choices – I don’t understand the difference between the Singapore and the above as I read that they do retain leaves (unsure). Looking for a reasonably fast growing tree and an umbrella canopy if possible.
    White pudica
    789 (seems expensive for size)
    What is the best price you could do on this group?
    Could they be delivered to a suburban address?
    Elanora Heights NSW 2101

  2. Excellent website. Keep posting more info about frangipanis. I”m really impressed by your site.

  3. 六七千年前的先民就開始釣魚。周文王曾和兒子們在靈沼釣魚取樂。

  4. The dessert with the same pronunciation is spelt Frangipane. Its name comes from the frangipani flower because of the aroma but the frangipane tart DOES NOT CONTAIN any part of the frangipani plant.

  5. I’ve learnt that frangipanis grow quite slowly so it’s much better to buy one which is already one metre or two metres tall. Transport becomes complicated and expensive for larger ones but if you can afford it, it’s worth it.

  6. I would like five similar shaped frangipanis around 1.5m tall, all with a different flower. Can you please let me know when you have them available?

  7. As a landscaper, from time to time, I have a client who requests a frangipani to be part of their garden. It’s always difficult to source advanced frangipanis so please continue to increase your range of sizes and flower colours available online.

  8. I got a frangipani tree for my birthday. I cannot remember feeling so happy. I thought I was going to get another puppy.

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