Delivery Times

There are numerous factors which might take time and delay delivery, some caused by us, some by the customer and some by situations out of our control.

Ordering can be done online within 10 minutes however if we are required to search our nursery for frangipanis with specific features, it’s more like to take days. We try to reply to customers with photos and information within 24 hours but, depending on the weather and how busy we are, it sometimes takes us a few days or more.
Payment instructions are emailed to the customer with order details automatically as soon as an order is placed online so customers can pay straight away. If a customer modifies their online order or submits an order via email, we will email payment instructions as soon as the customer has confirmed their order.
Transportation Bookings can be made as soon as we receive a remittance or a simple message that the customer has paid. We will send an email to a horticultural transport company who usually reply within 24 hours. If we are trying to combine orders to deliver ourselves, we might take up to 7 days. If a frangipani is taller than 2.5m or wider than 1m, we might need to take extra time to confirm the best method and costs.
Frangipani Order Pick Ups are usually booked 1 to 6 days later. Only orders going to distant or unpopulated destinations have a possibility of taking longer.
Frangipani Delivery within South east Queensland is often the next day. Deliveries to Sydney are usually 2 or 3 days after collection.

Conditions Which Might Delay Delivery

  • An ordered frangipani has been sold or not in a satisfactory condition and a replacement needs to be decided on.
  • An ordered frangipani is wider than 1 metre or taller than 2 metres and freight options need to be discussed.
  • Customer delays payment.
  • Customer chooses to make additional purchases to utilize available freight space. Freight Space
  • The delivery fee has not been automatically calculated or the delivery location is an area where only large trucks pass near, such as rural coastline, or where our delivery trucks do not usually go. Delivery possibility has to be confirmed and the cost calculated and paid for. Door-to-Door Deliveries
  • Bad weather, unexpected mechanical problems or a busy Christmas period.