Freight Space

Wide Frangipani Trees

The minimum delivery fee is for 1 pallet space which is approximately 1.1m squared. If your order is a little wider than 1.1 metres, purchasing extra space is likely to be expensive. You will not be instructed to purchase more space and your order is likely to be delivered without complication. However, if damaged is caused due to the restricted space, responsibility will be passed.

Multiple Frangipanis

If your frangipani order consists of two or more frangipanis, it is easy to interlock the branches so that two 80cm wide frangipanis can become less than a metre wide.

Purchasing Extra Freight Space

If your frangipani order is 20cm wider than the purchased freight space, we might recommend or request you to purchase extra freight space. Customers should use the same payment instructions to pay any additional amount.

Tall Frangipani Trees

If a frangipani tree is 2m or taller, it will not stand upright in some smaller trucks and trailers. Use of larger trucks will need to be arranged. This does not cost more money but may require more time and may make door-to-door delivery not possible.

Too Tall

If a frangipani tree is too tall to stand up in the delivery truck and needs to be transported on an angle or sideways, the required space and cost will increase significantly.

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