What are the cheapest delivery options?

South East Queensland

If we deliver ourselves within South East Queensland, we charge the same rate as that transport companies charge. When we deliver ourselves, frangipani height is usually restricted to around 1.5m for wind protection but branches can extend 1.2m x 2m without problem. For frangipani trees taller than 1.5m, we usually send them on truck with a specialist horticultural transport company.

Interstate (and North QLD)

For interstate orders, the minimum transport fee is for a 1m x 1m square floor space (a pallet space) and up to around 2.5m tall. The only way to reduce this rate is to share the space and cost with another frangipani customer who lives near you and also wishes to share freight space and cost.

A better way to improve value-for-money is by ordering more plants and filling the space for the minimum freight fee.  If you can’t find suitable frangipani trees in this site, see sitemap > frangipaniplantscomau for more options.

Requesting one pallet space to be allocated to a frangipani order that extends beyond one metre in any direction will add an element of risk but will likely be worth keeping the delivery fee to the minimum.

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