Waiting For Frangipani Delivery

Choosing A Position For Your Frangipani

The most important thing to do is to determine the best position to plant your frangipani trees into the ground. For a healthy frangipani tree, you should choose the warmest and driest position possible. Other factors to consider are the available space for increase in size, summer shade and Autumn leaf drop. While choosing a position is important, it’s not urgent. Our bagged frangipanis can wait and survive for more than a few years in their bags.

Digging A Hole For Your Frangipani

It’s important to keep the frangipani’s root ball together during planting so you should make sure the hole is larger than the bag. You can find the width and height of the pots and bags we use for our frangipanis on this site.

Planting A Frangipani

Prepare A Temporary Storage Position

We’ve never heard of any of our plants or trees go missing but it’s wise not to tempt dishonest people so choose a place as far from the street as possible.

If any of your ordered frangipanis are top heavy and might fall over, leave a rope tied to a large tree or fence at around chest height. The driver, or you, can then tie and keep the frangipani upright until you’re ready to move it someone else or plant it.

Drop Off Instructions

If you can’t be home for delivery, try to pass on drop off instructions for the driver.  If any of your ordered frangipanis are top heavy and might fall over, leave a rope tied to a large tree or fence at around chest height for the driver to tie the frangipani onto.

Transport Company Policy

Whenever we discuss drop off instructions with office staff, we are told that drivers are told not to enter private property and required to drop off plants at the property boundary.

However, in our experience, drivers are friendly and willing to help, especially when customers are nice and make requests which are reasonable.

Frangipani Care Before Planting

The most important consideration is to make sure you don’t break any branches. Some bagged frangipanis are top heavy and can fall over easily. Most bagged frangipani trees can fall on their side and not break any branches however some bagged frangipanis have wider and horizontal branches which will definitely break.

Watering is not usually necessary but if you’re sweating, give the frangipani a drink no more than twice a week.

What is the best way to move frangipani trees?

(See Handling frangipanis)

A refrigerator trolley is good for moving large and heavy frangipanis. A second person and a wheel barrow is useful for moving small 45 litre frangipanis long distances. If you need to transport frangipanis in ute or trailer, the wind will damage the leaves and may damage the branches.
If the branches are upright, you might be able to lay it down with the trunk resting on something. You should also put something either side of the bag to stop the bag from rolling sideways.

What advice do you have for planting frangipani trees?

(See Planting frangipanis)

If your frangipani is in a pot, you should lean the frangipani on a 45 degree angle and press in the side of the pot near the bottom edge. Do this as you rotate the pot in a full circle twice.
Pull the main trunk. If the soil is dry and light, the root ball will probably stay in tact. Gently lower the frangipani into the hole and position it into the desired angle and direction.
If some of the soil falls away from the root ball, don’t panic. Make sure you put enough soil into the hole first to maintain the desired height. Fill in with soil and do a big watering straight away.
If your frangipani is in a bag, you should balance the bag on the side of the hole so you can cut a straight line with a knife straight across the bottom of the bag. Alternatively, you can cut a circle out of the bottom of the bag.
Lower the bag into the hole so that you’re happy with the direction and height of the frangipani, then cut up the sides of the bags. With the plastic cut in two pieces, pull the plastic out and fill in with soil.
If the root ball feels solid, the root ball is dry and the frangipani is in one of heavy duty green bags, you might prefer to take the frangipani out like it was in a pot (see above).
Remember to give a your frangipani a good watering after putting it into the ground and anytime after disturbing the roots!