Online security

We started showing photos of frangipani trees on our website in 2007. Since then, we have always taken a cautious approach to security, maybe overly cautious.

Credit Card Numbers

We have never taken the step to get an EFTPOS machine and never really needed to. This way, we never have to worry about getting hacked and losing customer credit card numbers because we never receive them or store them in the first place.

Accounting Software

During 2016, I spoke to three businesses that said their customers received an invoice that looked like their invoices. All three businesses use MYOB but luckily, as far as I know, all customers decided not to pay because the amount was considerably different to what they were expecting. A few times a year, similar incidences are reported on the television but those stories often tell of customers paying and losing the amount. We use a simple accounting method by FAS.

Private Domain Names and Email Addresses

There is always the chance that criminals can copy an original invoice and issue it to customers who are expecting an invoice. If the payment instructions on an invoice have been altered, there’s a good chance the other parts of the invoice will look suspicious. We urge customers to check the details such as name, address, purchased items and prices on the invoice before making payment. Another clue is if the email with the invoice comes from an unusual email address.

Over the years, we have dabbled with the invoices issue from our online shop dashboard but generally have issued PDF invoices by email, until now (2022). We always send invoices by email addresses matching the domain name where the order was made.


Since 2007, I’ve been waiting for banks to allow customers to pay to an email address, a mobile phone number or a business name to eliminate any possibility of an error. Finally, n 2018 PayID was introduced. After logging into your online bank, select pay to someone’s mobile phone number, email address or select PayID. Enter our email address and you should see our business details. If you do not see E Frangipanis or Eumundi Frangipanis, do not pay.


Although it’s more important for website that accept credit card payment, we purchased an SSL certificate for each our websites which is another layer of security to prevent our website from being hacked and putting your device at risk.