Transporting Frangipanis

Transportation Options

The 3 main methods of transporting our frangipani trees are:-
1-Buyer collecting from the nursery.
2-Specialized Plant Freight Company. Read more ….. Delivery Fees
3-We deliver.

Nursery Pick Up
Please note that even a broken off leaf is enough for sap to drip. The white sap is sticking and dries like glue. If you plan to put a frangipani in your car, we suggest covering your car interior with a tarp.

Whether you have a truck, trailer or car, please bring some ROPE.

Transporting a frangipani tree in an upright position, with some high rope support is the best option for branches and soil, especially in winter. In summer without wind protection, frangipani leaves will tear and burn.

The best place to support a horizontal frangipani is underneath the lower and middle trunk. Please bring a few items which might to do the job.

When moving a frangipani, try not to let ANY tips touch ANYTHING.

Read more ….. Nursery Visits

South East Queensland
We often deliver ourselves within the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas. We have a 7×4 box trailer with a cage and wind protection up to 2.1m high.
We charge the same rates as other transport companies but can offer, in some circumstances, a reduced delivery fee for small orders.