Valentine’s Day

A few years after starting to sell frangipanis, we received a special request to send an Everlasting Love Frangipani Tree for a Valentine’s Day gift. A great idea and a great result.

The “Everlasting Love” Frangipani

The Everlasting Love Frangipani, also known as the white pudica, is a profuse bloomer and, once established, flowers for most of the year in warm climates. Everlasting Love in bags often start flowering in January and look their best in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

There are several frangipani (plumeria) species one of which is the plumeria Pudica. The pudica with the white flower (small amount of yellow in the centre) is commonly known in the nursery industry as the Everlasting Love. With its profuse blooming and affectionate name, it makes a great gift and especially a great Valentine’s Day present.


Most customers prefer to spend more on frangipanis than freight so the further you live from Queensland, the more you will have to spend on freight and the more you will likely want to spend on frangipanis.

If you are able to spend $100 on a frangipani, you can purchase a bushy frangipani pudica standing at least one metre tall in a 45 litre bag. Ideal for delivery to South east Queensland where delivery is less than $100.

Since delivery trucks often only visit each area once a week and a late gift is unforgivable, we aim for gifts to be delivered at least two days before.

Please order and finalize payment before February 1st so we can guarantee delivery on or before Valentine’s Day.

Please view our online shop to see if we have any listed.

Otherwise, please contact us.

In the past, we have posted our small frangipanis but at the time of writing this, we are having a break for mail order plants.

Whether you are single, married or somewhere in between,  hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day!!!

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