Frangipani As A Gift

A frangipani can make a great gift for someone who can grow a small tree in their yard or a small plant in a pot on a balcony. A perfect gift for those who like gardening and enjoy flowers.

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Birthdays in summer are ideal because frangipani foliage look the best and there’s more chance of flowers or flower buds. Foliage looks great going into the end of spring and there are often still flowers going into Autumn.

Frangipani Flowers

Large frangipani trees produce an abundance of flowers and can have flowers throughout the warmer five or six months each year. As for frangipanis in pots and bags, they produce far less flowers. Generally speaking, if you want to give flowers, you should visit a florist.

The best chance of giving a frangipani with flowers is giving a frangipani pudica during February which is why our most popular gift request is for Everlasting Love frangipanis for Valentine’s Day.

Unfortunately, wind and heavy rain easily knocks off blooming flowers. Flowers fall off during transportation, loading and unloading as well.

HINT – Enquire about flower buds more than flowers.

On a positive note, flower buds usually survive the most violent storms and the roughest journeys and are ready to open soon after settling into its new home.