Comparing Frangipani Trees

Frangipani Species
After you have considered your possible planting positions and the microclimates of those positions, you should compare the suitability of each frangipani species and decide which species you prefer.

Frangipani Flower Colours
You should then consider what flower colours are available for each species, compare the availability and attractiveness of each and decide which frangipani flowers you prefer.

Frangipani Features
Most customers are focussed on 2 or 3 features when choosing a frangipani tree however many customers overlook one or more other important features. Here’s a list of the features we consider to be important when choosing a frangipani tree.

1-Shape. Overall shape including length and direction of branches.
2-Trunk. A thick straight trunk. If you choose a frangipani with long trunk and small high branches, it will grow into a more balanced tree.
3-Root Strength. A bigger bag can indicate a stronger root system but more importantly is how established the roots are inside the bag. If the frangipani is standing up straight with little or not support, it indicates a strong root system.
4-Value-For-Money. We clearly display our prices for each frangipani tree so customers can quickly eliminate options outside of their budget.

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  1. I’ve just started looking for a frangipani tree for our yard and your website has been very helpful. We’re living in Fremantle in Perth at the moment so we can’t visit you but I just wanted to say thanks.

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