Choosing A Frangipani Tree

Buying an Individual Frangipani Tree
Buying frangipanis in bulk is a hit and miss process however if you’re planning to put purchase just one or two frangipani trees, you most likely will want to choose carefully.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Before the internet, buying a frangipani tree was a real hit and miss adventure. We sometimes heard stories about people ordering a frangipani tree over the phone and receiving a disappointing frangipani. Since our beginning, our policy is to never sell a single frangipani tree without showing a photo.

Nowadays, thanks to technology, its easy to view photos and know what you’re getting.

4 Steps To Finding The Most Suitable Frangipani
1-Get some background information – The more you know about frangipanis, the better you’ll be able to predict what will happen after you plant a particular frangipani.

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2-Think about your planting position. – The more you understand the microclimate of your planting position, the better you’ll be able to predict what will happen after you put a frangipani there.

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3-Consider Delivery costs. – Freight can sometimes be as much as or more than a frangipani order so to improve value-for-money, it’s worth having a quick think about how freight is calculated.
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4-Look at photos of available frangipani trees and narrow your search. – Read more ….. Comparing Frangipani Trees.