Choosing A Frangipani Tree

Buying an Individual Frangipani Tree
Buying frangipanis in bulk is faster and cheaper but choosing a single frangipani tree requires a bit more care. Since the transportation cost could be as much as, or more than, the cost of the frangipani tree, it’s worth taking the time to view some photos and choose a frangipani with the size, shape and price that best suits you.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
We started selling frangipani trees around the time that most families were getting a computer for their house. Since our beginning, our policy has been to never sell a single frangipani tree without showing a photo first. In these early days some customers had stories about ordering a frangipani tree from another nursery over the phone and receiving a frangipani very different and well below their expectations. Showing photos of frangipani trees to customers was so helpful, we created an online shop to display our photos for all to see.

4 Steps To Finding The Most Suitable Frangipani
1-Get some background information – The more you know about frangipanis, the better you’ll be able to predict what will happen after you plant a particular frangipani.

2-Think about your planting position. – The more you understand the microclimate of your planting position, the better you’ll be able to predict what will happen after you put a frangipani there.

3-Consider Delivery costs. – Freight can sometimes be as much as or more than a frangipani order so to improve value-for-money, it’s worth having a quick think about how freight is calculated.

4-Look at photos and compare available frangipani trees and narrow your search.