Buying Frangipanis Online

Customers can select and order through our frangipani tree online shop knowing they will receive the exact same tree as seen in the photo. We select only our best frangipani trees to display on our online shop.

7 Steps To A Buying Frangipani

Viewing Available Frangipani Trees Online

The first thing you see on our online shop are frangipani flowers. Each flower image is a category.

Click on any flower and you will see a brief flower description and a product number for each specific available frangipani tree in that category.

Click on any image to visit the product page. On each product page, you can find information such as frangipani height, width, bag size, species and hardiness.

Click on the magnifying glass (top right corner of image) to enlarge the image.

Delivery Fees

After you select a frangipani tree or two, they are added to your shopping cart. Most customers should be able to get a delivery price (estimation) by entering the delivery state and postcode.

We also display delivery prices for frangipani orders to common destinations and also offer advice about how freight is calculated.

Placing An Order

Besides selecting your desired frangipanis, you will need:-
1-select a freight option,
2-select a payment option,
3-enter your delivery address and
4-enter you contact details.

Creating a Website Account

During the order process, our website will create an account for you and save your delivery address, contact details and order details. You can login again anytime to continue the order process or see previous order details.

Paying For Frangipani Orders

The Delivery Process