Buying Frangipanis Online

We are growing hundreds of frangipani trees in our production areas and we select only our best frangipani trees to display on our frangipani tree online shop. Customers can see photos, measurements and prices for each available frangipani tree and order with confidence knowing they will receive the exact same tree as seen in the photo. 

Visit Our Online Shop

If you click on “shop”, you will see frangipani flower photosrangipani flowers. Each flower image is a category.

Click on a Frangipani Flower Photo

Click on any frangipani flower and see one or more available frangipani trees. Each frangipani has ID number. If you have already decided to purchase, you select “add to cart”.

Under the price of each frangipani tree, you can see a comment which indicates whether the frangipani is available or not. When somebody orders the frangipani online the status changes from “available” to “please enquire”. Please note that the frangipani availability status is is a guide only.

Click on a Frangipani Tree Photo

Click on any frangipani tree image to visit the product page. If you scroll down to additional information, you can usually see the flower name, the species, the pot or bag size, height measurements, transport requirements and information about hardiness and flower scent. You can also click on the little magnifying glass (top right corner of image) to enlarge the image.


Like many online shops, after you add a product to your cart, you will see your shopping cart page. Most customers should be able to get a delivery price by entering the delivery state and postcode. Click on “continue shopping” or “proceed to checkout”.

Checking Out

After you are satisfied with the frangipanis you have selected and added to your shopping cart, you are ready to checkout. During the checkout process, you will need to:
1-select a freight option,
2-select a payment option (Bank money transfer only),
3-enter your delivery address and
4-enter you contact details.

The order details are automatically emailed to the customer and to us.

Website Account

During your checkout, our website will save your delivery address, contact details and order details and ask for a username and password so you can login again anytime. Since our website DOES NOT collect financial information, feel free to use a short, simple and easy-to-remember username and password.