Our Best Frangipani Trees

We Select our Best Quality Frangipanis to Sell

Like many other production nurseries, we have hundreds of plants and trees. Many of them need time to grow into a bigger size and a nicer shape and others are ready to be planted into someone’s yard.

Our Best Value Frangipanis are Displayed Online

When we look through our frangipanis to find which ones to sell, we select the trees which have the best size, shape and health to display on our online frangipani tree shop. Since we want to sell these ones the most, we price them to sell quickly making them the best value.

Which Frangipani Trees Sell the Quickest?

Quite often, we upload a number of our frangipani trees to our online shop and a few of them will sell within a week. In a few cases, we have received orders and enquiries from 4 or 5 customers about the one frangipani tree.

On the other hand, the frangipani trees which have been on our online shop for a while gradually grow and improve in value. Quite often, these slow selling frangipani trees sell as soon as we upload a new photo.

Frangipani Root Balls

Frangipani roots are like a car’s engine. They are not easily visible but important for future performance. Frangipani roots ensure water and nutrients are absorbed into the system which promote growth as well maintain a strong and healthy frangipani.

Frangipani roots which extend into the ground get a reliable supply of nutrients and moisture and grow much faster than those in pots and bags, however, breaking these roots give a big shock to the frangipani.

Potted and bagged frangipanis can be moved around easily, transported and even transplanted without stressing the frangipani. Since roots stick to the inside of the pots, we recommend pressing around the outside of the pot to separate the roots from the pot before taking the plant out. Since frangipani root balls do not slip out of bags, we also recommend cutting the bag away from the root ball when transplanting a frangipani tree.

We send planting advice to almost all customers when we deliver or send a frangipani order. Feel free to ask us, if you do not receive it.

“Coming Soon” Frangipani Trees

Winter Break – As we approach winter, frangipani roots contract and weaken so we change the status of some of our frangipani trees to “coming soon” and make them “available” again in spring. During this time, we keep only our strongest frangipani trees displayed and available for online purchase.

Upsized – Also, as our frangipanis grow taller and roots require more space to expand, we upsize them into a larger pot or bag. Some of these upsized frangipani trees can still be sold straight away however we prefer to give most of them time to stabilize. While settling into their new bag, we often remove them from the online shop or advertise them as “coming soon”.