Our Best Frangipani Trees

We Select Our Best Quality Frangipanis to Sell

Like all production nurseries, we have plants and trees which need more time to grow and other plants and trees which are ready to be transported and ready to be planted in someone’s yard.

Our Best Value Frangipanis Are Displayed Online

When we look through our frangipanis to find ones to display online, we select the ones that are likely to sell the quickest. This just happens to be the frangipanis which also offer the best value for money for customers.

We Select Our Strongest and Healthiest Frangipanis

After we price and upload a frangipani tree to the internet, we hope it will be equal or better value by the time it’s sold. Unless we remember specifically the condition of an ordered frangipani tree, we inspect every ordered frangipani before we start to plan delivery.

Frangipani Root Balls & Car Engines

A poor quality engine might not be easily spotted but it will be unreliable and reduce the real value of the car. Frangipani roots ensure water and nutrients are absorbed into the system which maintain a strong and healthy frangipani.

Root balls in bags are also important for keeping frangipani trees stable for moving them around and transportation. We don’t want the hassle of a frangipani coming out of its pots or bag during transportation so we only want to sell frangipanis that have established root systems.

Another benefit of frangipanis with an established root ball is the ease of debagging and planting. We always advice against pulling bags off root balls and always recommend cutting the bags instead.

See our page about Planting Bagged Frangipanis.

After ordering, feel free to ask us for our planting advice PDF (which send to almost all customers before delivery)

Available to Coming Soon

As we approach winter, frangipani roots thin out so we change the status of some to coming soon (in Spring) and keep only our strongest frangipani trees displayed and available for online purchase.

Also, as our frangipanis grow taller and roots require more space to expand, we repot or rebag them. The best of these can still be sold soon after but we prefer to make them unavailable until the roots have expanded into new space.