After Ordering

Paying For Frangipani Orders

Waiting For Your Frangipani Delivery

Our Email Notifications

You will receive an automated email from our online shop containing your order details and payment instructions.
(We may or may not contact you before we look at your ordered frangipanis.)
We will check your ordered frangipanis and confirm your order by email within 48 hours.
We will notify you of a scheduled pick up date and approximate delivery date as soon as we know.
After pickup from our nursery, we will email you confirming the pickup time, a transport company phone number and some planting instructions.

If you haven’t already decided the best position for your frangipani, consider the suitability and microclimate of each possible position.

If door-to-door delivery for your frangipani order might not be possible, you should contact the transport company and arrange a drop off location or meeting point.