After Ordering

Automated Emails

You will receive an automated email from our online shop containing your order details and payment instructions, after you submit your online order.

Your order will also be sent to our email inbox. Not often but occasionally, an ordered frangipani has been moved, sold, been damaged or suffered health deterioration. In any case, we will locate and inspect or locate the most similar frangipani as a substitute and inform the customer.

Payment Request

After we have confirmed the ordered frangipanis are good to go or a new ordered has been confirmed, we will resend an invoice for payment, if necessary or requested, or simply request payment since payment instructions are in the initial order confirmation email.

It may take a day or longer for us to notice your payment so please send us a remittance or message saying you have paid so we can start to organize delivery sooner.

Organize delivery

We will notify you of a scheduled pickup date and approximate delivery date as soon as we know. After a pickup from our nursery, we will email you confirming the pickup time, a transport company phone number and some planting instructions.

Waiting For Your Frangipani Delivery