Handling Bagged Frangipanis

Drop Off Position

If you have a preferred drop off position, please contact the delivery company and make your request. Please note that drivers often have long days and busy schedules and are required to only deliver to the property boundary.

Keep Your Frangipani Upright

If the frangipani is likely to fall or blow over, tie a rope to a fence or tree trunk ready for your frangipani. An uncontrolled fall can break branches and a horizontal frangipani in the summer can lead to branches being overexposed to the sun.

Moving Frangipani Trees

Handles on bags can be used to lift or drag heavy frangipani trees.
If a tree is in a weaker black 45 litre plastic bag with no handles, I often raise the tree and get my arms underneath it.
If the tree is too heavy to lift and the root ball is established, it’s usually best to lean the tree on a 45 degree angle and drag it by pulling the trunk.

A refrigerator trolley or similar can also be useful.

When moving trees, be careful that crowns do not poke into anything and the branches do not get caught.

How Soon Do I Need To Plant My Frangipani?

Frangipani trees can easily wait in their original pot or bag for a year or two. Water at the most once a week in the very hot summer and not at all in the winter. Most varieties of frangipanis will need to get several hours of sun each day if they are getting hand-watered or rained on.

Planting Frangipanis