Sun And Water

Sun and Heat

Frangipanis love hot conditions. If a frangipani is in full sun everyday, it will become sun hardened and no amount of summer sun will be a problem. Having said that, frangipanis in bags and pots should be positioned more carefully. Moving a frangipani from a shaded position to full sun in summer is likely to be a sudden shock, especially for smaller plants. Also, conditions on concrete, black plastic or weed mat in the summer sun can become unnaturally and incredibly hot. Some varieties can also suffer from temporary leaf discolouration or leaf burn from exposure to the strong and direct sun.


Frangipanis have evolved to survive in hot dry climates. This means established frangipani trees can find enough moisture in the ground to survive our usual once-a-decade severe Australian droughts. The soil in pots and bags dry out much faster than the ground so frangipanis in pots and bags need watering more often.