Small Yellow


2 LTR – small pots – $10
5 LTR – 200mm – $20
15 LTR – 300mm – $50

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15 years ago, we stocked some yellow varieties then around 2013, we came across Heidi. Heidi has a big yellow flower that has curled petals and a beautiful scent.

We sold off all our other yellows in the following years and haven’t seen any non Heidi yellow flowers since about 2019 and we haven’t let any other yellow frangipanis into our nursery. we love Heidi that much!

If you like the common white / cream frangipani flower, you’ll most likely be interested in Heidi. Yellow frangipani flowers are basically white / cream frangipani flowers before being bleached by the sun. All yellow frangipanis start off uniformly yellow and as direct sunlight bleaches the petals, the outer edges of the yellow flower fade to white.