Dwarf Frangipanis

Most people become interested in buying a dwarf frangipanis because they are worried about their frangipani tree becoming too big for its position.

Another reason is because of their bonsai looking shape.

We stock two dwarf frangipani which are the common hardy rubra species but we have them in smaller pots only.

Musk Rainbow (aka George Brown) and Dwarf Watermelon (aka Cherry Clusters and 100 Pink)

We also stock the Petite Pink (aka Singapore Dwarf Pink) which is an obtusa, both the White and Pink pudica and also the stenophylla (aka White Magic).

 Two Reasons To Not Choose A Dwarf Frangipani

1-All frangipanis can be reduced in size by pruning. When the size is reduce by half or more, we call it “cropping”. After cropping, new branches will grow from each branch stump however the tree will look unbalanced and will produce less flowers, especially in the following twelve months. For this reason, it’s best to crop a frangipani properly and wait for as many years as possible before the next cropping. Frangipani trees usually look much bushier, healthier and more attractive 2-3 years after cropping. Thanks to be able to prune or crop your frangipani tree, you can choose a hardy variety with a scented flower and keep it to your desired size.

2-Dwarf frangipanis may be harder to find, more expensive and limited in size and flower colours.