Frangipani Tree Availability Status

Frangipani Tree Status = Available

When we upload a new frangipani tree to our online shop, the stock level is set to 1. When an item has a stock level of 1 or higher, customers will see “Available” written next to that item.

Please Enquire and Availability Unconfirmed

When a frangipani tree is ordered online, the website’s stock level for that particular item is automatically reduced by 1. This usually means the stock level will become zero and “Please Enquire” will appear next to that frangipani tree.

Stock Equals Zero But Still Available

Sometimes customers order online then cancel or change their order in which case, those frangipani trees will still be available. If you see a frangipani tree you like and are uncertain about its availability, just enquire or order it online and we’ll let you know.

Status Equals Available But Frangipani Tree Unavailable

We often sell frangipanis by phone, email and to visitors so occasionally a frangipani tree will appear on our online shop but already be sold. We usually update our online shop within a week when this happens.

Ordering A Frangipani Tree Which Appears Unavailable

If a customer enquires or orders a frangipani tree which has been sold, we will most likely be able to recommend one or more frangipani trees with the same flower AND a similar size and shape.