Frangipani Tree Availability Status

Frangipani Tree Status = Available

When we upload a new frangipani tree to our online shop, the stock level is set to 1. When an item has a stock level of 1 or higher, customers will see “Available” written next to that item.

Please Enquire and Availability Unconfirmed

When a frangipani tree is ordered online, the website’s stock level for that particular item is automatically reduced by 1. This usually means the stock level will become zero and “Please Enquire” will appear next to that frangipani tree.

Stock Equals Zero But Still Available

Sometimes customers order online then cancel or change their order in which case, those frangipani trees will still be available. If you see a frangipani tree you like and are uncertain about its availability, just enquire or order it online and we’ll let you know.

Status Equals Available But Frangipani Tree Unavailable

We often sell frangipanis by phone, email and to visitors so occasionally a frangipani tree will appear on our online shop but already be sold. We usually update our online shop within a week when this happens.

Ordering A Frangipani Tree Which Appears Unavailable

If a customer enquires or orders a frangipani tree which has been sold, we will most likely be able to recommend one or more frangipani trees with the same flower AND a similar size and shape.

Frangipani Height Measurements

How is the height of a frangipani measured?

There is no one correct method for measuring the height of a bagged tree. Even though the roots are a very important part of the frangipani, we measure from the top of the soil. Reason being, most people want to know how tall the frangipani will stand after it is planted.

In summer, leaves and flowers can often increase the height by 30cms. For simplicity and consistency, we add a conservative 10cm to the highest crown all year round.

In short, we measure from the top of the soil to the highest branch, ignore any long leaves and flower buds at the top and add only 10cm for the highest leaf. 

For example, if we say a frangipani is 1.2m tall plus leaves and flowers, we would advertise it as a 1.3m frangipani.

What is the “wood height”?

The “wood height” is the measurement from the top of the soil at trunk to the top of the highest branch excluding the leaves.

What is “clearance” or “transportation” height”?

The clearance height is the measurement from the bottom of the bag or pot to around 10cms above the highest crown. This is the height necessary to stand the frangipani upright in a trailer, truck, van or other vehicle without the crowns being damaged by the roof. If the frangipani is too tall to stand upright, it’s possible to stand it on an angle and sometimes possible to lie them horizontally.


Frangipani Trees Which Have Been Sold or Ordered

Our Frangipani Tree Online Shop

Browsing and ordering products online is often fun and saves time so we hope our frangipani customers can do the same on our frangipani tree website. Around 2009, we started displaying photos of our best frangipani trees on our website and not longer after that, we added a complete online shop to our existing website.

High Quality Frangipani Trees

We select our best available frangipani trees to photograph and upload to our online shop. To ensure customers receive the exact same frangipani tree as in the photo, we allocate a 3-digit number to each of our frangipani trees.

Online Status

When a frangipani tree is ordered online, the status immediately changes from “Available” to “Please Enquire”.  “Please Enquire” indicates that our online shop is unsure wether that particular frangipani tree is available or not.

We try to remove sold frangipani trees as soon as we can. Sometimes however, we have other identical frangipanis available in which case we sometimes to choose to leave the photo and change the title to include “SOLD” or “ORDER RECEIVED”.

Suggested Alternative For Unavailable Frangipani Trees

Feel free to enquire or even place an online order for any listed frangipani tree on our website. Almost all the frangipanis listed are available but if a particular frangipani is not available, we will do our best to find and suggest one or more similar alternatives.


Mobile Friendly Web Design

People using Mobile Devices

We’ve noticed the number of people using mobile devices to view our website has been increasing in recent years and has recently exceeded 50%.

Updating Our Frangipani Tree Website

To minimize customer inconvenience, we’ve waited until our quietest winter months (middle of 2015) to update our website’s design to a mobile-friendly design. We’re also taking the chance to update and improve our content so this means our pages and links might be a little messy for the next couple of months (mid 2015) until our new website is completed.

What Will Change?

If you look at our frangipani tree website on a desktop computer, there will not be much difference however, with the upgrade, our shop images will be larger and content will be more spacious.

The big improvement will be for people viewing this website on a mobile device.

Firstly, the text size will NOT become smaller when the page is bigger than the screen.
Secondly, the width of the page will adjust to the screen width so everything on the webpage can be seen by scrolling down (and up back again). No need to zoom or scroll left-to-right.


When space is limited (by a small screen size) the links menu will be replaced with an icon (3 bars) and a drop down menu





Today’s goal was to write the first post for our new blog. Done! Thanks for reading! Time to get back to weeding and watering.