Visiting eFrangipanis


This page is to assist people who have made an appointment to visit us.


You have most likely made an appointment to visit at a time when David will be working on the frangipanis so he will be there to meet you. If you need to cancel or will be late, please send a text or call as soon as you can.

Contact Method

Please note. If you send an email or leave a message on the landline, it might not be received until the evening.

eFrangipanis Contact Information


Please click on the below link to see our location on google maps.

Where is eFrangipanis?


When coming from the Bruce Highway or Eumundi, pass Cash road on the left, pass the first driveway with a flower on the letterbox, 1342. We are 1332, the next driveway on the left.

When coming from Doonan or Noosa, about 1 km past the Eumundi Wreckers on the left, there is an 80km/hr speed sign on the left. Our driveway is on the right side about 20 metres past the sign.


For safety, please try to make the vehicle behind you aware that you are slowing down before reaching the driveway. If you use your indicator and stay close to the middle line, cars and even trucks will pass you on the other side.


After you enter the driveway, the left of the 3 paths goes down to the nursery. About 50 metres into the property, there is flat area big enough for trucks to turn around. Since this is close to the best and most ready frangipani trees, please park anywhere on this flat area. If you do not see anyone, please toot your horn and wait near your car.

If you have a small light two wheel drive car, please get some speed and momentum when exiting up the hill to avoid spinning on the gravel.

Park and Walk

If the chain is across the driveway or if you choose, feel free to park at the top of the hill and walk 50 metres down to the frangipani tree area. It’s best to block the nursery driveway rather than the other two driveways which go to houses.

Wet Weather

If the ground is very wet, we’d prefer visitors not to enter the nursery driveway or drive on the flat grassed turn around area to prevent tyre tracks. Please park and the top near the chain across the driveway and walk down.

Foot Protection

If possible, please avoid wearing heels, thongs or open footwear.

Sun Protection

The frangipani tree area can get extremely hot in the summer and has no shade. We suggest wearing a hat.

Thanks For Choosing To Visit Us

We hope you find suitable frangipanis during your visit and more importantly, we hope you enjoy visiting us.