Free Frangipani Tree Pruning Offer.

If you’re planning to prune your frangipani tree, I may be able to cut off the branches and take them away FOR FREE.

I will need some information (see below) to decide and I will get back to you with the conditions for a free prune and if not free, I will provide you with a quote or quotes and conditions for each quote.

In some cases, DIY or a local gardener or handyman will be a better option. In which case, please feel free to get some free advice from our Pruning Frangipanis page.

Help Me Decide

In order for me to decide, I need to know the suburb (within SE QLD) and need a few photos of the tree emailed to me and one photo of the flower.

Send me a message to my email using our  Contact Form.


View the About Us page to see my email address.

Desirable Conditions

South East Queensland.
August to December and be flexible with month of prune.
2 to 2.5 metres tall or around 3m with assistance.
An attractive flower colour.
Clean smooth wood. (ie. free from insect damage.)
Long, straight branches and not too thin. (ie. A full prune 3-5 years ago would be ideal.)

Unsuitable Conditions (For My Free Offer)

Tall trees which have fences and sheds underneath.
Trees which need to be pruned in Autumn, winter or by a specific date.
Trees which have many forks and many branches close together (ie. have never been pruned and have had little nutrients.)
Trees which have damaged tips or bent branches.


6 Replies to “Free Frangipani Tree Pruning Offer.”

  1. Can you please prune our frangipani tree? I would like it to be half its size and have a lower canopy and lower flowers.

    1. Yes, it’s a good idea to reduce the size of a frangipani tree if it’s in a small space or not balanced with its surroundings. They will also grow back with healthy foliage and flowers. I will contact you by email to exchange more information.

  2. Hi I am about to prune back my mature frangipanis hard as they are getting unruly and the leaf drop is annoying due to the rust. So next spring i am aiming to get fresh growth on smaller canopies and commence early organic based prevention with the rust to try to finally get control.
    Anyway, I do not have a chain saw, nor have I used one and only doing what I can with a pruning saw. Therefore are you interested in pruning the branches now rather than spring?
    Colours: Classic white with yellow throat; light pink; sunset colours plus you could have a small amount from the dark pink variety which is smaller tree and not as out of control

  3. Yes, that’s a good way to beat rust. Frangipani wood is quite soft so a handsaw and a bit of muscle power can usually get the job done. I’ll send you some more information by email.

  4. Hi we have a large frangipani in our front yard, she is losing her leaves now for autumn and I just noticed on closer inspection that quite a few Branches have gone soft and bent over, it looks like some sort of root rot, or it could be because it’s lower branches aren’t getting any sun but I’m wondering if I should leave it now until spring or I should cut these off now? Or you could do it? I do think this tree does need some thinning as well…. but I didn’t think Autumn was the right time to do it would love your thoughts! we are in Runaway Bay Gold Coast thanks So much

    1. Hi Lisa, Large frangipani trees can handle a prune anytime of the year and can keep a good shape after pruning but its’ best NOT to prune smaller frangipanis (under 1.5m tall). I’ll send you an email message and if you can email me a photo, I should be able to offer some more specific advice.

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