How soon are frangipani orders delivered after paying?

Delivery Within 21 Days

21 days gives us plenty of time to arrange our working schedules, coordinate multiple deliveries if necessary and get almost all our frangipani orders delivered.

If delivery is not likely to be within 21 days after payment, we will contact the customer as soon as possible to discuss the reasons and agree on a new process.

Requesting Urgent Delivery

If you require urgent delivery, its best to contact us by phone or message us requesting a return call to discuss options.

In most cases, if faster than planned delivery is possible, it will not be too inconvenient and will incur no extra costs. In some cases however, faster than planned deliver may cause some inconvenience but still be possible with negotiation. In such cases, we will calculate a fair ” express delivery fee” to be able to give the individual customer a choice.

Conditions Which Might Delay Delivery

  • An ordered frangipani has been sold or not in a satisfactory condition and a replacement needs to be decided on.
  • An ordered frangipani is wider than 1 metre or taller than 2 metres and freight options need to be discussed.
  • Customer delays payment.
  • Customer chooses to make additional purchases to utilize available freight space. Freight Space
  • The delivery fee has not been automatically calculated or the delivery┬álocation is an area where only large trucks pass near, such as rural coastline, or where our delivery trucks do not usually go. Delivery possibility has to be confirmed and the cost calculated and paid for. Door-to-Door Deliveries
  • Bad weather, unexpected mechanical problems or a busy Christmas period.

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