Frangipani Height Measurements

How is the height of a frangipani measured?

There is no one correct method for measuring the height of a bagged tree. Even though the roots are a very important part of the frangipani, we measure from the top of the soil. Reason being, most people want to know how tall the frangipani will stand after it is planted.

In summer, leaves and flowers can often increase the height by 30cms. For simplicity and consistency, we add a conservative 10cm to the highest crown all year round.

In short, we measure from the top of the soil to the highest branch, ignore any long leaves and flower buds at the top and add only 10cm for the highest leaf. 

For example, if we say a frangipani is 1.2m tall plus leaves and flowers, we would advertise it as a 1.3m frangipani.

What is the “wood height”?

The “wood height” is the measurement from the top of the soil at trunk to the top of the highest branch excluding the leaves.

What is “clearance” or “transportation” height”?

The clearance height is the measurement from the bottom of the bag or pot to around 10cms above the highest crown. This is the height necessary to stand the frangipani upright in a trailer, truck, van or other vehicle without the crowns being damaged by the roof. If the frangipani is too tall to stand upright, it’s possible to stand it on an angle and sometimes possible to lie them horizontally.


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