This page outlines our policies and expectations.

Terms & Conditions

1a-Orders placed through the shop need to be confirmed by a personal email from us.

Sometimes trees are sold and not removed from the website for a month or two, especially if we have similar stock available. For this reason, we are happy to receive orders without payment so we can confirm the availability or condition of the ordered frangipani trees. Payment instructions are sent automatically by email after placing an order so customers are free to make payment straight away. This is good for making things move more quickly and we offer a 100% refund until delivery dates have been confirmed.

1b-After emailing an order confirmation and receiving payment, we will initiate the delivery process. Any cancellation by the customer after we initiate the delivery process will incur a $50 fee.

2a-Proposed delivery dates may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

 Where possible, we keep all customers informed as to when we hope to freight their order and to any possible delays. Factors such as oversized trees, out of the way locations and off season orders can increase the time it takes between making your order and us getting your ordered frangipani trees to you.

 2b-If you make your deadline clear to us when ordering and we are unable to arrange delivery by that time, we will offer you a full refund.

3b-In the case of an order being cancelled by the customer within 24 hours of pickup or later , the customer will be required to pay for all transport costs plus a $50 fee.

Orders cancelled two days or more before the scheduled transportation date will incur a $50 fee if a delivery date has been confirmed.

4a-We arrange delivery on the customers behalf.

Customers are welcome to make own transport arrangements.
The transport companies which we usually use handle only plants and handle plants everyday. It is essential for the survival of their business to take care of the goods they transport. The drivers load and unload plants everyday so most have become very skilled at it.
From past experience, only frangipani trees which are considered “over sized” risk small damage.

Frangipani branches are quite flexible and can often endure being squeezed in amongst other plants. They can endure long hot trips and long periods without water. Unlike electronic goods, frangipanis will always go on working in the future no matter how roughly they are treated during transportation.

 Frangipani branches can be flexible but when bent too far, they can completely snap off. You can easily notice if a branch has been broken during transportation because there will be fresh white sap on the break.

4b-If a frangipani happens to arrive with a broken off branch (or any other damage), the customer has the right to make a complaint.

If you choose, you can ask the transport company for the broken branch. Just because a branch is broken off, it doesn’t mean they don’t have to deliver it, right? Also, if you’re asked to sign “received in good order” just write “damaged” or as you choose. These two actions will help us make a complaint on the customer’s behalf.

5a-We are not responsible for the handling and environmental conditions of our frangipanis after delivery.

We aim to provide our customers with sufficient information through this website and by email to ensure the health of our frangipanis do not decline after delivery.

We ensure our frangipani trees are in an acceptable condition before arranging delivery. If we have any concerns, we notify the customer and give the customer the choice to cancel, proceed or change their order.

5b-Customers should inspect frangipanis on receiving. Any concerns should be photographed. Customers should ask our opinion on the subject within 7 days.

6a-Cusomters ordering from our online shop should understand that photos may not depict all of the qualities of that frangipani tree and, due to seasonal factors, may look different.

We are however very particular about number our available frangipani trees so we can send the exact trees ordered.

6b-Information presented on our website ship is to assist customers in their selection process. Some figures are approximations so only figures inaccurate by more than 20% will be considered inaccurate.

 6c-When we receive an order through our online shop, we assume the customer has read and understood the product description page.