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Pruning Frangipanis

If you need to remove a large frangipani or give a large frangipani a "full prune", please let us know. If you're in south east Queensland, we may be able to do it for free.

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A Full Prune
After frangipanis experience ideal conditions and accelerated growth, their health may deteriorate. The lower branches and branches in the middle are likely to deteriorate first. Initially, the weak branches will become soft and thin, then black and squishy and if they don't bend and fall off, they will become dead hardwood.

A full prune will increase the amount of nutrients going to each branch. The branches will immediately start growing thicker, stronger and healthier than before. It may take a year or two for the frangipani tree to regain its bushiness and full shape but it will be a stronger, healthier better looking frangipani in the following decade.

The best time for a full prune in Australia is before summer, preferably July, August or September.
Frangipanis grow more strongly through summer so they are better able to cope with the stress and recover sooner during the summer months.

Another reason for a full prune is to better enjoy the frangipani flowers. Some frangipani owners complain that all the flowers grow too high. They cannot get a close look at the flowers and cannot get a close smell of the frangipani flower fragrance. After a full prune, the frangipani will produce lower branches and flowers closer to the ground.

A Small Prune
If you need to cut off a single branch or small number of branches, you can easily do it with a chainsaw or handsaw. If possible, make the cut vertical so the branch does not hold water. Make the cut close to the fork so new shoots do not grow from the end of the cut off branch, and as mentioned above, prune during late winter or early spring.



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Why is there sometimes a prop in the photo next to the frangipani?
Sometimes a toy car or house can look real size in a picture as a 1m frangipani can look 2m and vise-a-versa. For this reason, we try to have something in the photo standing beside each frangipani tree to help convey its real size.

Why is important not to plant frangipanis too low when transplanting them into the ground?
It is easy to dig a deep hole, slide your frangipani tree in and start filling in the hole before realizing the soil level has risen 30cms up the trunk and the top frangipani leaves are lower than you expected.
Here are the reasons why should plant your frangipani higher than lower.

1-Since frangipani roots like to travel down, it is often possible to take 5-10cms of soil from the top of the bag before transplanting your frangipani tree(s) into the ground.
2-It is also recommended to have the soil around the trunk 5cms-10cms higher than the surrounding ground to allow for the soil to compact and sink.
3-If the ground holds moisture, planting your frangipani tree on a mound will not only increase its height but also allow the roots close to the trunk to dry out more quickly.