Mobile Friendly Web Design

We are in the middle of 2015 (winter) and we’ve finally gotten around to updating our website’s design. We’ve been wanting to update to a mobile-friendly design for at least a couple of years due to the increasing number of viewers using mobile devices. The number of our website viewers who are using a mobile device has exceeded 50% so not having a device-responsive website felt irresponsible and behind the times.

This means, the page being viewed will become narrow for a small screen but the text will remain the same size. The text can be easily read and scrolling down is the only action needed to read long pages, no more zooming to read!

The design change has meant our website content has been clumped together and needs reorganizing but whoever starts reorganizing it soon realizes the information needs to be improved and updated as well. We also need to repair links and our frangipani tree online shop and blog will need continuous updating as well so thanks for your patience.

Today’s goal was to write something for the first post of our new blog. Done! Thanks for reading it! Time to get back to weeding and watering.