Mobile Friendly Web Design

During mid 2015 (winter), we finally got around to updating this website’s design to be mobile-friendly.  In other words, this frangipani tree  website responds to the screen size, the design is adapted to suit the screen size. The result is (or should be) that the text can be easily read and  scrolling down is the only action needed to read beyond the first screen.

Sorry if you come across any errors. The design your looking at is our new design. We hope you enjoy reading about frangipanis but more importantly, we hope you can navigate (move from page to page) easily.

Reviewing and adding content about frangipanis is an ongoing process. The content on the FAQ and advice pages still needs to be updated. The frangipani tree shop is another big task which we’ll hopefully get done next year some time. Today’s task has been to make a start to our blog and make the first post. Yippee!