Which shape frangipani should I look for?

Before people start looking for a frangipani, they  usually have a vision of where and what size it will be when planted. No matter what size frangipani is envisaged, there are some things to consider when choosing a frangipani.

Checking The Health Of A Frangipani Plant.

People who are looking for a small frangipani plant usually have a choice of a single stem or a multi-stemmed plant.

People who are looking for an advanced or mature frangipani tree have much greater range of shapes to consider.

A frangipani tree with a straight trunk is one feature worth looking for. As the frangipani increases in size, the trunk will thicken to support the weight of the whole tree.  A large curve or S bend in the trunk will not have the strength as a straight trunk. Frangipani branches fork and grow longer and the upper part of the tree will naturally form a balanced canopy so for this reason choosing a straight trunk is more important for the tree’s future shape.

A frangipani tree with a long trunk may look top light initially but the branches will grow and naturally form a balanced canopy. Frangipani plants with a low fork will maintain a low fork as the base thickens. If the fork is near the ground, the frangipani will eventually look like several trees growing together. A frangipani plant with a long trunk will keep a trunk no matter how big the tree gets.

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A tall narrow frangipani tree has advantages for transportation. Transporting is usually charged by floor space so a short wide frangipani could cost more to transport than a tall narrow frangipani tree.

A frangipani with well spaced forks below and numerous forks and branches near the top and an overall balanced structure looks good to everyone. This type of frangipani will look good from the day its planted or positioned in a pot.

Frangipani trees with a high number of branches and crowns  are also a common choice. These are usually more expensive but if you can find one with sufficient branches and within your budget, you can enjoy the shape from day one. The main advantage of a frangipani with lots of branches and crowns is that in your first summer the foliage will create a dense canopy and the frangipani will produce more flowers.

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