What transport options offer the best value for money?

Pick Up

If you live locally and wish to collect yourself, we can assist by giving you precise measurements. If you plan to put a frangipani in a new car, be careful to protect your car interior. A broken off leaf can drip sap which will stick to material like glue.


For interstate orders, the minimum transport fee includes a 1m x 1m square floor space (a pallet space) and up to around 2.5m tall. If frangipani branches extend beyond the space, it’s gets a little complicated. As frangipani trees extend beyond 1m wide, the risk of having a branch broken increases. If a branch or 2 extends outside the space by 20 or 30cm, the order can still possibly be transported at the minimum price. If a branch extends too far or there are many branches extending beyond the space, the transport company may insist on charging more than the minimum fee.

South East Queensland

If we deliver ourselves within South East Queensland, height is restricted to around 1.5m but ordering more trees and going wider than 1m WILL NOT cost more.

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