Evergreen Frangipanis

Types of Evergreen Frangipanis

We stock three species of frangipanis which are considered evergreen. Plumeria obtusa, Plumeria pudica and Plumeria stenophylla.

The Various Names for Evergreen Frangipanis

The white obtusa is commonly called Singapore or Singapore White. The pink frangipani obtusa is sometimes called Singapore Dwarf Pink or Darwin Petite Pink. The frangipani stenophylla is known as white magic. The frangipani pudica is known as everlasting love and the hammerhead frangipani (because of its hammer shaped leaves).

Evergreen Frangipanis in the Winter

In the tropics and warmer climates, these frangipanis keep their leaves all year round which is why they are known as evergreen frangipanis. Outside of the tropics and in colder regions these so called evergreen frangipanis may lose all their leaves in the winter. They are sometimes described as semi-evergreen.

Creating a Microclimate

There are many Singapore Whites around Brisbane and the Gold Coast which keep their leaves and look stunning and do well all through winter. These usually have enclosed and covered protection, get heat from surrounding concrete and brick and get lots of direct sunlight. To keep a healthy green look and live up to their “evergreen” name, it’s important that nothing blocks out the northern winter sun (Southern Hemisphere). Sometimes, this can’t be helped but keep in mind the greater the exposure to the northern sun, the better.