Delivering Frangipanis

Delivery Areas

We are able to send our frangipani trees to most people  on the East coast of Australia including all the large cities. For a list of locations, see Our Delivery Areas.

Delivery Rates

We are experienced at sending our frangipanis to all the larger cities in Eastern Australian and have fixed rates. (Sometimes, our delivery rates  go up   due to costs such as a petrol levy or down to be competitive but most of the rates stay the same from one year to the next.) For a list of cities and delivery fees, see Our Delivery Fees.

Calculating Delivery Costs

Generally speaking, the minimum delivery fee is equal to a pallet space or approximately 1 square metre. This means if your order does not fill up 1 square metre, you have the opportunity to purchase more plants and have them delivered together for no additional freight.

More plants, no additional freight.

When sending our frangipani trees south of the Queensland border (and north of Gympie), we are charged per square meter (a pallet space) with the minimum fee being for one pallet space.

While our deliveries within South East Queensland are calculated slightly differently, we still have a minimum fee. For consistency, we sometimes call this minimum fee “a pallet space” but we do not always have the same space restrictions.

Read more about Freight Calculations.

Door To Door Delivery

Most of our deliveries go to a depot in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne and are transferred to a smaller truck for delivery to residential addresses.

Read more about our door-to-door deliveries.

Transporting Frangipanis

If you prefer to collect your frangipani order yourself instead of us organizing delivery for you, we will be happy to share our experience with you to help make your trip is as safe as possible for both people and frangipanis.

How soon are frangipani orders delivered after paying?

How to Safely Transport Frangipanis

What are the cheapest delivery options?