Sharing Freight Costs

For small interstate orders, freight is usually more than the cost of the frangipani. If you are hoping to place a small order and would like to reduce freight costs, we’d like to make the following suggestion.

Inform us of what frangipani tree (or plants) you would like to order and how long you are prepared to wait. We will consider options and possibly combine your order with another customer’s order and reduce your freight costs. (See below). We will inform you any immediate possibilities and the likelihood of opportunities arising in the near future.

You can inform us by placing an order through our online shop, by email or by phone. Be sure to make it clear whether your order requires shared transport and reduced freight costs in order to proceed, or, whether you plan to go ahead with your order and are just interested in other possibilities.

If we have no other pending orders near you, you’ll have the choice to put your order on hold or proceed with delivery. Remember that if you have a small order, you probably have the option to choose one or more smaller frangipani trees for yourself to be delivered for no extra freight.  In this case, feel free to ask us to recommend something of suitable size and good value.

The longer you can wait, the better the chance of us combining your order with another customer’s order. Transport companies delivering to Sydney or Melbourne will consider this as a single delivery and have one delivery address.

One customer will need to transport one of the orders between the two addresses. We will consider which of the two orders will be most difficult to transport locally and suggest delivery going to that address.

How much are freight costs reduced?
The customer responsible for transporting one order between the two addresses pays 50% of the usual freight cost and the other customer pays 75% the usual cost. We keep 25% for the extra arrangements and making sure it all goes smoothly.

In other words, if you can collect your frangipani order from the other customer or receive both orders and deliver the other customer’s order from you to them, we will reduce your freight cost by 50%.

If you agree to receive the two orders and hold the other customer’s frangipani order until they can collect it or agree to them receiving the order and transporting it to you, we will reduce your freight costs by 25%.