Frangipani Flower Fragrance

When I started selling frangipani trees, I immediately learnt the reason for people wanting a frangipani tree was mostly because of the fragrance of the flower. I almost mistakenly thought it was the only reason.

Over the years I’ve met many people who also appreciate the frangipani flower’s appearance. Sometimes the frangipani flower shape but more often it’s  the colours.
I’ve met others who want a low-maintenance plant for harsh dry position, other who appreciated the structure of the dormant branches or gnarly trunk, and some who in search of a deciduous tree which will let the winter sun through and provide summer shade.
Some frangipani species have no scent so be sure to research your desired species if you want a fragrant flower. Some varieties of the common species (plumeria rubra) also have a very mild or no scent at all. We stock several red varieties, which all have a milder scent, because the red colour is quite popular but besides red we DO NOT keep or sell any varieties that have a mild or nos scent in the common frangipani species (plumeria rubra).
(Note-Fragrance strength fluctuates greatly depending on the time of day, season, recent weather, micro-climate, current temperature and wind etc. so sometimes the scent is hardly noticeable even on a strongly scented frangipani variety.)
When working with frangipanis (or anything else) on a daily basis, it’s easy to become over-familiar and under-appreciate them but whenever a summer breeze drowns the senses with the beautiful scent of frangipani flowers, I’m reminded how impossible it is to lose appreciation for the frangipani flower fragrance.
Don’t forget! Taking cut frangipani flowers and keeping them in a vase or pond closer to your living area is a great way to better enjoy the fragrance of frangipani flowers.