Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Gift

A number of years ago, we received an enquiry about sending an Everlasting Love Frangipani Tree for a Valentine’s Day gift. A great idea and a great result. Since then, the idea has become more and more popular and more and more successful. We aim to continue to promote this great idea by supplying high quality frangipanis at reasonable prices.

The “Everlasting Love” Frangipani

There are several frangipani (plumeria) species one of which is the plumeria Pudica. The pudica with the white flower (yellow centre) is commonly known in the nursery industry as the Everlasting Love. With its profuse blooming and affectionate name, it makes a great gift and especially a great Valentine’s Day present.

If your budget is over $150, we’d like to recommend our 1-2m frangipani trees which can be delivered door-to-door by truck.

Please view our online shop to see if we have any displayed.

Otherwise, please fill out our quick enquiry form.

In the past, we have posted our small frangipanis but at the time of writing this, we are having a break for mail order plants.

Whether you are single, married or somewhere in between,  hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day!!!



Please order and finalize payment before February 1st to guarantee that we can arrange delivery on or before Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Delivery

The transport companies we use visit certain areas only once or twice a week and do not deliver on weekends. Even if deliveries are scheduled for your area on Valentine’s Day, there is still a chance the transport company will reschedule for the following day.
The customer can express their preference between the following two options.
1-Request that delivery is “no later” than Valentine’s Day so delivery will most likely be 1-3 days before Valentine’s Day.
2-Request that delivery be “as near as possible” to Valentine’s Day so delivery will be on or just before or just after Valentine’s Day.

Frangipani Flowers

Frangipani flowers fall off easily in rain, wind and during transportation so Valentine’s Day frangipanis usually arrive with green foliage and colourful tags. Many will have flower buds which will produce flowers in the following weeks but they are unlikely to have flowers when delivered. As frangipanis increase in size year by year, they will also produce more and more flowers.

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