Frangipani Height Measurements

What is the “wood height”?
The “wood height” is the measurement from base of the trunk (the top of the soil in the bag or pot) to the top of the highest branch excluding the leaves.

Why aren’t the top leaves measured?
It’s possible to include leaves in height measurements but it’s not a very consistent method. Leaves can often add 40cms to the height of advanced frangipani trees and 15-20cms to small plants.  Also, frangipanis are deciduous and drop there leaves In the winter.

Which method do we use?
Despite using different methods in the past, we now just add 10cms to the wood height to get a consistent and useful height measurement. For example, we would state a frangipani to be 1.3m tall or 1.2m plus leaves.

What is “clearance height”?
The clearance height is the measurement from the bottom of the bag or pot to around 10cms above the highest crown. This is the height necessary to stand the frangipani upright in a trailer, truck, van or other vehicle without damaging the crowns being damaged by the roof. If the frangipani is too tall to stand upright, it’s possible to stand it on an angle and sometimes to lie them horizontally.

It’s always helpful to think about how a frangipani tree will be secured before transporting it. We no longer display the clearance height on our description pages but we can accurately estimate or even measure it for you, if you ask.