Best Frangipanis

Frangipani Qualities

We select only the best of our bagged frangipani trees to display on our online shop. We encouraged customers to consider not only the visible qualities  when purchasing a frangipani but also the not-so-visible qualities such as the  root system.

Importance of Root System

All these trees  have had sufficient time to fill their bag with a quality root system. A good root system is more likely to keep its shape during transplanting and will contribute to strong and healthy growth.

When a frangipani is too large for its pot or bag and we decide to repot or rebag it into a larger size, we wait at least 6 months and sometimes up to 2 years before making it available again.

Frangipanis usually enter dormancy before winter and while their roots are not being used, the smaller roots die off and the root ball contracts. For this reason only our strongest frangipanis will be available during winter and we will make most of our frangipanis become available in spring and summer.