Buying Frangipanis Online

On our online shop, customers can select and order a frangipani tree knowing they will receive the exact same tree as seen in the photo. We select only our best frangipani trees to display on our online shop.

Before visiting our online shop, please consider learning more about frangipanis. Read more ….. Buying Frangipanis

Viewing Available Frangipani Trees Online

The first thing you see on our online shop are frangipani flowers. Each flower image is a category.

Click on any flower and you will see a brief flower description and a product number for each specific available frangipani tree in that category.

Click on any image to visit the product page. On each product page, you can find information such as frangipani height, width, bag size, species and hardiness.

Click on any image on the product page to enlarge the photo.

Placing An Order

Besides selecting your desired frangipanis, you will need:-
1-select a freight option,
2-select a payment option,
3-enter your delivery address and
4-enter you contact details.

Creating an account

During the order process, an account will be creating for you automatically. You just need to create a simple password and that will allow you to login in the future to see your order details.


Our online shop allows orders to be placed without making payment. Payment instruction are displayed after submitting an order and automatically sent via email to the customer. Customers are required to log into their own bank’s website and transfer the payment. Payment can also be made by visiting a nearby bank or post office.

Our Online Security

Our website does not collect bank details or any other sensitive information. This has been our policy for around 10 years now, since our first online shop and is likely to continue forever. When big companies like eBay and Apple can get hacked and lose sensitive customer information, we choose to never take that risk.

The Delivery Process