Planting Frangipanis

1-Ensure you choose a not wet and hot position. Choosing a Position

2-Dig a hole which is bigger than the root ball. Frangipani Bag Sizes

3-Make sure the soil level in the bag will NOT be lower than the surrounding ground.

3-Put premium potting mix and some fertilizer in the base of the hole, especially if your local soil looks harsh.

4-If the frangipani doesn’t stand upright or is on a lean in its bag, put some more soil on one side of the hole so the base of the hole is sloped. The frangipani trunk should be vertical as possible and the canopy should sit directly above the base of the trunk before you start backfilling the hole.

5-If the soil has been dry, the weather is warm and the roots have been disturbed, flood the ground around the frangipani so the roots are soaked.

6-We try to email a page about planting bagged frangipanis to customers just before their frangipani order arrives. If you don’t receive it, please ask us.