Terms & Conditions

1-By using this website, you agree to these terms and conditions.
2-Website users should consider their specific situation and other advice before acting on advice from this website.
3-We regular upload accurate and up-to-date information to the internet however we offer no guarantee that all information available on the internet is up-to-date.

1-Entry to the eFrangipanis nursery is by appointment only.
2-Plant and tree inspection are only for customers planning to spend $100 or more.
3-Visitors should determine their preferred flower varieties or frangipani species and be able to express their desired frangipani size and shape.
(See our online shop for photos of flower colours and available trees.)
4-Visitors looking at frangipani trees should be careful not to hurt themselves or damage any frangipanis. Visitors are advised to wear safe shoes or boots and a hat for sun protection.
-Payment can be made by EFT, Cheque or cash.

Online Shopping
1-Customers can expect to receive an email containing order details soon after ordering. Customers can also expect to be contacted within 3 days after ordering and we will hopefully confirm tree and plant availability and confirm the transportation process. Customers can also expect to be notified as soon as a collection date has been decided and to be notified again within 24 hours after the order has left the nursery.
2-Our website offers advice about which varieties are hardiest and most suitable for which climates however the final order is the responsibility of the customer.
3-We select only the best of our frangipani trees for our online shop however we need to check and confirm plant condition and availability after each order.
4-Customers can wait until plants have been checked and availability has been confirmed before making payment however for urgent orders, customers can choose to make immediate payment.
5-Cancellations BEFORE delivery has been booked can receive a full refund.
6-Cancellations AFTER order confirmation and booked delivery will receive a partial refund.
7-Payment can be made by EFT only.
8-Customers should understand that small blemishes may not be visible in photos and that frangipani appearance varies from season to season.
(For frangipani trees with important imperfections, we include details in the product description.)
9-We confirm all ordered frangipanis are in good condition and suitable for transporting however customers should enquire if further information is required.
10-The delivery process will not be initiated until plants have been checked, order has been confirmed and payment has been received.

1-Delivery areas are usually visited once or twice a week so a specific delivery date can be requested but the transport company will make the final decision.
2-Most orders are delivered within 2 weeks of order placement however customers should be prepared for the possibility of delays due to weather, traffic, public holidays or any other unavoidable incident.
3-eFrangipanis is not responsible for the sold frangipanis after they leave the nursery.
4-If a customer orders a frangipani tree which is wider than the purchased freight area, eFrangipanis will take no responsibility for damage caused by related complications and eFrangipanis will not make a complaint to the freight company on the customer’s behalf.
4-eFrangipanis will ensure the freight company has the correct delivery address and collects the correct plants.
5-Most frangipani orders are delivered to the address however if the delivery truck is too large to access the street, a nearby drop off location or meeting point needs to be arranged.
6-The drop off process is to be organized by the receiver and freight company.

Returns & Cancellations
1-Customers can return orders to the nursery and receive a refund however customers are required to pay for all transport costs, any decrease in plant value and a $50 handling fee.
2-When a frangipani has been ordered twice, the first customer will be given the choice to make a non-refundable $50 holding deposit or payment in full to hold their order or cancel their order for the other customer.