Contact Us

Contact Person – David

Email – david @ (no spaces)

Address – Please read Nursery Visits.

Phone – (07) 5442 8292

Mobile – My mobile number is included in all order confirmations and in my email signature.

Dear customer,
I will try to reply to all phone messages and emails within a day or two from the comfort of my desk. My mobile number is reserved for customers who have ordered or purchased from us. Working on our frangipanis and ensuring our stock is maintained and kept in good condition is our priority and we’d prefer to keep phone interruptions to a minimum. Thanks for your understanding. After orders are submitted, I personally check each order, arrange transportation and keep customers up-to-date.
Happy Gardening,

Suggestions And Feedback

It’s been a goal of ours for a number of years now to make ordering a frangipani tree an autonomous and easy process for our local and interstate customers. In order to this this, we are continuously adding information to our website so that customers can enjoy learning about frangipanis and going through the decision making process. If you have any suggestions for our website or are unable to find any answers to your questions, please send us an email.