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Frangipani Varieties

The most common species of frangipani in Australia is the Plumeria rubra (p. rubra). Frangipani rubras are deciduous and can be identified by their leaf shape and texture. The name rubra possibly originated because the first of this species had a red flower. Cross pollination with other species means now there are hundreds and possibly thousands of flower colour variations each having their own name. We categorize our frangipani rubras into no less than 6 colours. White, Pink, Tricolour, Yellow, Cerise and Red.

The second most commonly found frangipani species in Australia is the Plumeria obtusa (p. obtusa). Obtusas are considered evergreen because they keep their leaves all year round in tropical and sub-tropical areas.
They can be distinguished from the common species of frangipani by their glossy leaf which has a leathery texture.
There are two main varieties of obtusa. The white obtusa which is also known as Singapore white and the pink obtusa which is know as Singapore petite pink. The pink obtusa is a dwarf and grows wider initially and up to half the height of other frangipanis.

The frangipani pudica (p. pudica) is relatively new to Australia. It's leaf shape is a hammer shape and it's growing habits are quit different from the above two species. The pudica is also known as "Everlasting Love" and the "Hammerhead frangipani". It is evergreen, fast growing and a great flower producer.

The frangipani stenophylla (p. stenophylla) has needle like leaves.
It is also known as "White Magic".
The stenophylla is not the most sought after of frangipanis but it is a necessity for collectors and frangipani lovers. 

Plumeria Rubra

The common white frangipani is sometimes considered a species all on its own (p. acutifolia) and is sometimes referred to as cream.
It has a white flower with about 30% yellow in the centre.
It's very popular because of it's hardiness and powerful sweet scent.

There are a number of frangipani flower varieties which fit into our pink category. The all have pink as the dominant colour and almost all have orange or yellow in the centre.

Tricolour frangipanis generally appear orange from a distance.
Close up, they have pink on the outside and if they have orange in the centre, they might have yellow in the very centre.

Yellow frangipanis have 90% to 100% yellow flowers.
The yellow rainbow has a strong yellow on the inside but faded on the outside to white and possible have a dash of pink on the very outside of the flower or underneath. Varieties such as the Bowen yellow and Darwin yellow are uniformly yellow.

The cerise frangipani is also know as hot pink. From a distant it can be mistakenly thought to be a red. Some common pinks can also be similar to a hot pink flower but a cerise hot pink frangipani can be identified by its solid branches and larger leaf scars left from the previous years leaves. It has a more peachy sweet scent and longer flower petals.

Red frangipanis are more sensitive to the cold and more delicate than other rubras but are sought after by some customers because of their rare and stunning colour.

Plumeria Obtusa (Singapore)

The Singapore white has a larger flower than the common white and larger glossy leaves. It too is a great flowering plant from Spring to Autumn and has a romantic aroma. It is more sensitive to colder climates but can keep its leaves all winter in warmer climates.

The The Singapore pink has a smaller flower with a pale pink colour. It's scent is not as strong as the white and it is a dwarf tree.
It too is evergreen and has glossy green leaves.
The Singapore pink is not the most sought after of frangipanis but it is a necessity for collectors and frangipani lovers.


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