Frangipani Trees Which Have Been Sold or Ordered.

Each frangipani tree has a number and this is used in the title for each¬† listed frangipani tree. When a tree is ordered or sold, we add the words (“SOLD” or “ORDER RECEIVED”) to the title. We try to update our online shop 2 or 3 times a month.¬† This means the number of listed frangipani trees on our online shop actually available varies from around 95% to 100%.

For one reason or another, customers sometimes order frangipani trees through our online shop which have “SOLD” or “ORDER RECEIVED” in the title. When this happens, we are usually able to find a frangipani tree with the same flower colour, similar size, similar shape and similar price. For this reason, some frangipani trees are visible in our online shop after they have been sold.

Trees which are unique and sold are removed from our website more promptly.

When we list a specific frangipani tree on our website, we set “the number in stock” at 1. When a tree is ordered, the number in stock is automatically reduced by 1. When a customer orders a frangipani tree which has a stock level below 1, our website automatically displays a warning message.

In other words, If a frangipani tree is ordered a second time online, a message appears relating to “a problem with the stock level of this item”.